Hyundai Car Maintenance Tips: Monsoon Care with Gallops Hyundai

Jul 8, 2024

Monsoon season in Ahmedabad brings much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat, but it also poses unique challenges for car maintenance. Heavy rains, water-logged streets, and increased humidity can take a toll on your Hyundai vehicle if proper care isn’t taken. At Gallops Hyundai, we understand the specific needs of your car during this season and are committed to ensuring it remains in top condition. This comprehensive guide caters to essential tips for keeping your Hyundai car running smoothly and safely during the monsoon. Read further!

Monsoon Safety Tips for your Hyundai car

Gallops Hyundai is among best-in-class Hyundai dealership located across the prime locations of Ahmedabad. This rainy season, Gallops brings you a curated safety guide for keeping your Hyundai in best place! Here are the car maintenance tips to adapt in this monsoon:
1. Pre-Monsoon Service Check at Gallops Hyundai

Before the monsoon hits, it’s crucial to have a thorough service check at Gallops Hyundai. Our expert technicians will inspect your car for any potential issues and perform necessary maintenance to prepare it for the rainy season. This includes checking the brakes, tire condition, wipers, lights, and battery. Ensuring these components are in top shape can prevent breakdowns and accidents during heavy rains. Ensure your favourite Hyundai—be it i10 or Creta is in top-notch condition.

2. Check Wiper Blades
Visibility is significantly reduced during a downpour, making functioning wiper blades essential. At Gallops Hyundai, we recommend checking your wiper blades for wear and tear and replacing them if necessary. Good quality wipers ensure clear visibility, enhancing safety on the road. Our technicians can help you select the right wiper blades and install them for optimal performance. The all-new Hyundai Exter is jam-packed with all key essentialities that a car needs before starting on road journey!
3. Maintain Proper Tire Condition

Tires are your car’s contact point with the road, making their condition critical, especially on slippery, wet surfaces. Ensure your tires have sufficient tread depth to provide good grip and prevent hydroplaning. It’s also important to check for any damage or punctures and maintain the correct tire pressure. At Gallops Hyundai, we provide comprehensive tire inspections and services to keep you safe during the monsoon. Hyundai SUVs like Alcazar have super tire grip to sale you through tough roads.

4. Battery Check
The monsoon season’s moisture can affect your car’s battery performance. It’s important to ensure the battery is in good condition and its terminals are clean and secure. Regular battery checks can prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure your car starts without issues. Visit Gallops Hyundai for a detailed battery inspection and maintenance to avoid being stranded in the rain.
5. Emergency Kit
An emergency kit is a must-have in your car, especially during the monsoon. This kit should include essentials like a flashlight, first-aid kit, basic tools, and a towing cable. Having an emergency kit ready can be a lifesaver in case of unexpected situations like breakdowns or accidents. Gallops Hyundai can assist you in assembling a comprehensive emergency kit tailored to your needs.
6. Avoid Using Cruise Control
While cruise control is a convenient feature, it’s best to avoid using it on slippery, wet roads. Cruise control can reduce your reaction time and may not perform well on surfaces with less traction, increasing the risk of accidents. Instead, maintain a controlled speed manually to better respond to changing road conditions during the monsoon.
7. Anti-Fog Solution
Fogging on the windshield and windows is a common issue during the monsoon. To prevent fogging and maintain visibility, keep the windows closed and use the car’s defogging function. You can also apply an anti-fog solution on the inside of the windows. Gallops Hyundai offers high-quality anti-fog products and can help you apply them for clear visibility during the rainy season.
8. Brake Maintenance

Wet conditions can affect your car’s braking performance. It’s essential to check the brakes regularly and ensure they are in good working condition. This includes inspecting the brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid levels. Properly functioning brakes are crucial for safe driving in wet and slippery conditions. Gallops Hyundai provides expert brake inspection and maintenance services to keep you safe on the road.

9. Keep an Eye on Fluid Levels
During the monsoon, it’s important to regularly check your car’s fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Maintaining the correct levels ensures your car runs smoothly and prevents potential issues caused by low or contaminated fluids. Gallops Hyundai offers comprehensive fluid checks and top-up services to keep your car in optimal condition.
10. Protect Your Car’s Exterior
The monsoon’s constant exposure to rain and mud can damage your car’s exterior. Regularly washing and waxing your car can protect the paint and prevent rust. It’s also a good idea to apply a protective coating to the underbody to prevent corrosion. Gallops Hyundai offers professional car washing and detailing services to keep your vehicle looking its best throughout the monsoon.
11. Interior Care
Moisture can seep into your car’s interior during the monsoon, leading to unpleasant odors and mold growth. Use moisture-absorbing products and keep the interior clean and dry. Regularly clean the floor mats and upholstery to prevent mold and mildew. Gallops Hyundai provides interior cleaning services to ensure your car’s interior remains fresh and hygienic.
12. Plan Your Trips
Lastly, plan your trips carefully during the monsoon. Avoid driving through water-logged areas and stay updated on weather forecasts. If possible, travel during daylight when visibility is better. Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and driving at a reduced speed can also help prevent accidents.


Proper maintenance and care during the monsoon season can ensure your Hyundai car remains in top condition and provides a safe driving experience. Gallops Hyundai is committed to offering the best services and products to help you navigate the challenges of the rainy season. Visit our showroom for expert advice, quality products, and professional services to keep your Hyundai car running smoothly and safely.
For more information and to book a service appointment, visit Gallops Hyundai or contact us at our workshop locations in Amraiwadi, Vastrapur, Vastral, and Jodhpur. Stay safe and enjoy a worry-free monsoon with Gallops Hyundai!