Safety First: Discover Hyundai Cars with 6 Airbags and More at Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad

Jun 28, 2024
airbags in Hyundai cars at Gallops

When it comes to ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones on the road, choosing a car with top-notch safety features is paramount. Hyundai has consistently prioritized safety, equipping their vehicles with advanced features designed to protect passengers in various driving conditions. Gallops Hyundai is an eminent Hyundai dealership spread across the areas of Ahmedabad. At Gallops Hyundai in Ahmedabad, you can explore a range of Hyundai models that come with six airbags and a host of other safety features to provide peace of mind on every journey.

Hyundai’s Commitment to Safety

Hyundai’s commitment to safety is evident in its comprehensive approach to vehicle design and engineering. The company integrates state-of-the-art safety technologies to enhance both active and passive safety. Active safety features help prevent accidents, while passive safety features protect occupants in the event of a collision. Following the commitment of Hyundai, Gallops Hyundai also takes safety in its first place by offering:
Six Airbags System
One of the standout safety features in Hyundai cars is the six-airbag system. This system includes:
1. Driver Airbag: Protects the driver in the event of a frontal collision.
2. Passenger Airbag: Offers protection to the front passenger during a frontal impact.
3. Side Airbags: Located in the front seats, these airbags provide additional protection for the chest and pelvis during side collisions.
4. Curtain Airbags: Extend along the side windows, offering head protection to both front and rear passengers in a side impact.
This comprehensive airbag system is designed to minimize injury during an accident, significantly enhancing passenger safety.
Advanced Safety Features in Hyundai Cars
Beyond airbags, Hyundai incorporates a range of advanced safety features to further protect drivers and passengers.
1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD): ABS prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden braking, allowing the driver to maintain steering control. EBD optimally distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels, improving braking efficiency and stability.
2. Electronic Stability Control (ESC): ESC helps maintain vehicle stability during sharp turns or sudden movement by detecting and reducing loss of traction. It automatically applies brakes to individual wheels to prevent skidding, ensuring the car stays on its intended path.
3. Vehicle Stability Management (VSM): VSM works in conjunction with ESC and the car’s traction control system to provide improved stability and control, especially on slippery or uneven surfaces. It adjusts the steering assistance to help the driver maintain control.
4. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC): HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline. It temporarily holds the brakes while you switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator, ensuring a smooth and safe start.
5. Rear Parking Sensors and Rearview Camera: These features assist in parking and reversing by providing visual and auditory warnings about obstacles behind the vehicle. The rearview camera offers a clear view of the area behind the car, making parking in tight spots much easier and safer.
6. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): TPMS alerts the driver when tire pressure is too low, which can help prevent tire-related accidents and improve fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tires are crucial for maintaining vehicle stability and handling.
7. Isofix Child Seat Anchors: Isofix anchors make it easier and safer to install child seats in the car. They provide a secure and rigid connection between the car and the child seat, enhancing the safety of young passengers.
Safety for All in Hyundai

Popular Hyundai Models with safety features at Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad

Gallops Hyundai in Ahmedabad offers a wide range of Hyundai models equipped with these advanced safety features. Also buying a Hyundai car from Gallops that have all 6 airbags isn’t an expensive move. You can get the best prices and offers to buy Hyundai car from Gallops Motors assuring your safety. Here are some popular choices to pick from Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad:

Hyundai Creta
The Hyundai Creta is a compact SUV that combines style, comfort, and safety. It comes with six airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, VSM, and more. The Creta’s robust build and advanced safety technologies make it a reliable choice for families.
Hyundai Verna
The Hyundai Verna is a stylish sedan that doesn’t compromise on safety. It features six airbags, ABS with EBD, HAC, TPMS, and rear parking sensors. The Verna’s sleek design is complemented by its comprehensive safety suite, making it a popular choice among sedan enthusiasts.
Hyundai Venue
The Hyundai Venue is a compact SUV known for its modern features and urban-friendly design. It includes six airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, and rearview camera, among other safety features. The Venue’s compact size and safety features make it ideal for city driving.
Hyundai i20
The Hyundai i20 is a premium hatchback that offers a perfect blend of style, performance, and safety. It is equipped with six airbags, ABS with EBD, HAC, and TPMS. The i20’s advanced safety features and stylish design appeal to a wide range of drivers.
Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is a mid-size SUV that offers a luxurious driving experience with top-notch safety features. It comes with six airbags, ABS with EBD, ESC, VSM, HAC, and more. The Tucson’s spacious interior and advanced safety technologies make it a great choice for long-distance travel and family outings.

Why Choose Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad?

Gallops Hyundai in Ahmedabad is a trusted dealership known for its excellent customer service and wide selection of Hyundai vehicles. Here’s why you should consider purchasing your next Hyundai from Gallops Hyundai:

Expert Sales Team: The sales team at Gallops Hyundai is knowledgeable and passionate about Hyundai vehicles. They can provide detailed information about each model’s safety features and help you find the perfect car that meets your needs and budget.
Comprehensive Service and Maintenance: Gallops Hyundai offers comprehensive service and maintenance packages to keep your car in top condition. Their skilled technicians use genuine Hyundai parts and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable.
Convenient Location: Located in Ahmedabad, Gallops Hyundai is easily accessible for residents in and around the city. It is because the Gallops Hyundai showroom are located at Panjarapole, S.G Highway-YMCA, Vastral, Kuha, Bareja. Their state-of-the-art showroom provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers to explore the latest Hyundai models.
Customer-centric Approach: Gallops Hyundai is committed to providing a customer-centric experience. From test drives to financing options, they offer a range of services to make the car-buying process smooth and hassle-free. Their focus on customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base in Ahmedabad.


Safety should always be a top priority when choosing a car, and Hyundai’s commitment to incorporating advanced safety features in their vehicles ensures peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike. At Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad, you can explore a range of Hyundai models equipped with six airbags and a host of other safety features. Whether you’re looking for a compact SUV like the Creta, a stylish sedan like the Verna, or a premium hatchback like the i20, Gallops Hyundai has the perfect car to meet your safety needs and lifestyle preferences. Visit Gallops Hyundai Ahmedabad today and take the first step towards a safer driving experience.